I have been treating people for more than 15 years and have had very successful outcomes with many clients and they continue to support what I have a passion for. All the treatments that I offer must be looked upon as more than a luxury that makes us feel good. They have a profound effect on both the physiological body and the psychological mind and they affect the whole body in a very positive way.

From the mum on the school run that just wants to have some "me" time. To the Runner that has tight Hamstrings or pain in the feet. To the gardener that has arm and hand pain and lets not forget the Whiplash injuries, Low back pain, RSI, Neck & Shoulder injuries, Migraines, Headaches,Frozen Shoulder and even Fibromyalgia.  All these can have such a debilitating affect on the body and long term chronic pain can cause long term stress and anxiety and that as we know has a very negative affect on the body as a whole. 

"Fix in 6", this means with long term chronic pain one treatment will not cure all. You have to give the body the time it needs to adjust to the work being done and to treat someone 6 times over 6 weeks allows time for the tissue to change at a molecular level. This is advisory. I have many advanced skills which I use everyday to help clients get out pain and improve range of motion.  They include Fascia work, STR (Soft Tissue Release) PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) Trigger Points, Deep Tissue and Massage skills to name but a few.

Please do call me to discuss your requirements and/or concerns, I am just a phone call away.  

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